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Broad range of Services offered by Hydrosave LTD

Hydrosave Water Management Specialists

Over a period of 13 years, the business worked for several majors utilities across the UK and established some of the first leak detection training programmes for contractors, developed the contracting work force in the industry and supported the international development of leakage management using UK best practices.

Achilles Verify process

Hydrosave was also one of the initial founding members of the Achilles Verify process.

In 2007, Hydrosave was purchased by South Staffordshire Plc. During this period the business has expanded it’s range of services significantly to offer customers a range of asset management, pipeline services and optimisation related services.

Sub Aqua Solutions and Global Water Solutions

Growth has been achieved organically, through diversification and via acquisition. The business has acquired Sub Aqua Solutions and Global Water Solutions (GWC) in the past few years.

The Hydrosave brand is focused on efficient water operations and operates a trading division branded as SSI Test, Inspect and Consult focussed on other critical infrastructure sectors. Immerse Asset Management Ltd also exists to provide services specifically to private commercial and industrial business customers.

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OnSite is a member of SSI Services

Hydrosave has been a member of South Staffordshire PLC since 2007. Hydrosave are leak detection and water conservation specialists.

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