Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

OnSite Specialist Maintenance and Perco are the UK’s market leader in trenchless technology operating in the utilities, construction, rail network and facilities management sectors.

Roads - Rail - Rivers - Tunnels

perco directional drilling

Using techniques, including guided auger boring, horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting, they install new pipelines, cable ducts and refurbish existing pipe networks.


The business also manufactures pipe bursting and pipe replacement systems for use by other trenchless technology specialists around the world.


New Pipe Installation: installation of new sewers, pipelines, shafts, under-track crossings (UTXs) and cable ducts are carried out using a range of techniques:


Directional Drilling

Auger Boring

Shaft Sinking

Timber Headings

Pipe Jacking

Guided Auger Boring



Renovation and upsizing of existing sewers to ensure maximum efficiency is undertaken using a range of the following services:


Pipe Bursting


Rod Pulling