Rail Networks

For many years a significant portion of OnSite’s activities have been within the rail sector; both on or near the track and at a wide variety of property facilities including stations and depots.

road-rail-and-bridge-ssi services
Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Trackside asset management: track drainage and catch pits, culverts and tunnel drainage, earthworks’ and land drainage.


Stations and Depots: CET, foul & surface water drainage, oily water drainage, oil interceptors, collector and pumping sumps.


Specialist Services:


Railway station surveys

Impermeable area studies

Drainage area studies

Feasibility studies

Pumping station surveys

Topographic surveys

GPS asset surveys

Asset tracing

Digital mapping (CAD) of underground assets

Utility mapping

Urban pollution management studies

Planned general Inspections (PGI) – rail


In addition to the above services, the rail division is able to call on the extensive capabilities of OnSite’s utilities division for measurement, inspection, relining, drilling and repair services.