Water Networks

Services in this sector are delivered using a combination of two Group businesses, Hydrosave and the pipelines services division of OnSite.

Surveys - Design - Repair - Optimise


OnSite: the pipeline service division provides specialist services in all aspects of water distribution, pipeline repair and maintenance to a wide range of customers.

The business offers a responsive, reliable emergency service to repair leaks and bursts, as well as a cost-effective planned replacement, installation and maintenance service.



·     Water mains installation and replacement

·     Metering services

·     Leakage repair

·     Under pressure connections

·     Line stopping

·     PRV installations

·     Civil engineering services


Hydrosave: is a specialist water management business that offers a range of survey, audit, optimisation and consultancy services to the water industry.


·     Leakage management and leak detection

·     Data logging and system monitoring

·     Pipeline corrosion assessment

·     Pipeline camera surveys

·     Seized valve release

·     Critical valve assessment and valve maintenance

·     Income and billing audits

·     Water efficiency audits

·     Water quality: discoloration risk modelling and mains flushing

The business operates throughout the UK and manages large scale frameworks for water companies, alliance partners and technology suppliers.

Hydrosave also works directly to private and industrial customers that require water efficient and leak free networks.

Applying the latest technologies and innovation is a key focus for Hydrosave.