Flow Monitoring

Full Bore - Open Channel - Water - Sewers


Using a portfolio of data logging equipment we can provide portable or permanent flow measurement devices that enable accurate flows to be measured at a range of measurement intervals ranging from seconds to hours.


Loggers can be installed for periods from 24 hours to 14 days in order to assess daily fluctuations or using GPRS for permanent installations that connect to specialist system and alarm monitoring software. Typical applications:


Industrial process flows

Billing and accounts management

Water use audits, efficiency surveys and sub metering

Zone and DMA network monitoring

Hydraulic computer model calibration

Fire mains testing

Leakage measurement


Data Logger Maintenance: we can provide a data repository of all flow meters, data loggers, confined spaces and maintenance visits using GPS enabled field capture devices and our specialist software ‘loggers online’.


Routine servicing or replace on fail maintenance contracts can be established. At any one time we maintain over 20,000 data loggers around the UK.


Sewer Flow Monitoring: SSI via OnSite is a world leader in the field of sewer flow surveys, having been involved in the inception of flow survey technology back in the 1980s.


‘OnSite Live’ is our bespoke flow monitoring web platform, designed using feedback from our clients to provide exactly the data they need, when they need it.


Dual-sensor Flow Monitors: offer high levels of accuracy and reliability, combined with an integrated telemetry solution to enable real time data collection.


Acoustic Doppler flow meter: for precise measurement of flows in large and medium diameter pipes, in variable hydraulic conditions. Slow velocities measured accurately.


Long and short term flow surveys: accurate depth and velocity measurements in pipelines and water courses, combined with rain gauge measurements, to provide modelling engineers with critical data about the performance of their pipeline networks.