Water efficiency & Optimisation; Perfomance assessment, Test, Inspect & Consult

Hydrosave provides specialist technical inspection and forensic audit services focused on optimising the efficiency and operation of utility networks and above ground infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies.

Broad range of Services offered by Hydrosave LTD

Leak detection

Over a period of 13 years, the business worked for several majors utilities across the UK and established some of the first leak detection training programmes for contractors, developed the contracting workforce in the industry and supported the international development of leakage management using UK best practices.

Water Utility Sector

With our roots developed in the water utility sector, we have accumulated formidable experience of working with the sectors ever growing challenges where efficiency and the reduction of risk is the key. We have an extensive range of field based technical inspection techniques and also provide operational consultancy, the analysis of customer data sets, performance assessments and the integration of end to end solutions.

Hydrosave is an established specialist having worked with leading utilities, tier 1 contractors, world renowned consultants and over 1,000 industrial and commercial customers. Our international presence is also growing which has seen us successfully undertake projects around the world – in Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, North America and Canada. The culture at Hydrosave is founded on creativity and innovation. We pride ourselves on operating safely, effective delivery and high quality customer service.

Achilles Verify process

Hydrosave was also one of the initial founding members of the Achilles Verify process.

In 2007, the business was purchased by South Staffordshire Plc. During this period the business has expanded it’s range of services significantly to offer customers a range of asset management, pipeline services and optimisation related services.

Sub Aqua Solutions and Global Water Solutions

Growth has been achieved organically, through diversification and via acquisition. The business has acquired Sub Aqua Solutions and Global Water Solutions (GWC) in the past few years.

Our services include

  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Installation and maintenance of 24/7 monitored networks
  • Specialist camera inspections
  • Corrosion condition assessment (non-destructive and laboratory)
  • Asset inspection and forensic assessment
  • Seized valve release
  • Demand and customer analytics
  • Water conservation and optimisation
  • Strategy and policy support
  • Partnering and investment into new technologies
  • Water quality related risk assessment and improvement programmes
  • Risk, contingency and investment modelling

  • Acoustic leak detection surveys
  • Network validation and connectivity surveys
  • Gas insertion leak detection surveys
  • In-pipe acoustic leak detection surveys
  • Pipeline camera inspections
  • Metering audits and consumption monitoring
  • Installation and maintenance of 24/7 remote monitoring loggers
  • Customer demand analysis
  • Water efficiency audits
  • Tariff analysis, billing audits and revenue maximisation Hydraulic assessments and optimisation studies
  • Water quality maintenance
  • Pressure control and feasibility audits
  • Pressure transient logging and analysis


Water Efficiency and Optimisation

Hydrosave is focused on using technology and data intelligently to optimise decision making in the water industry.

Through innovation, creativity and practical experience, we assist our clients to deliver a more sustainable and cost effective approach to the useful management of data, operation of strategic assets and optimised water networks. We are experts in our respective fields and collaborate extensively with technology partners, consultants and main contractors.

Why choose Hydrosave

  • Integration specialists
  • A team committed to best practice
  • Experienced and professional water specialists
  • A customer service culture
  • Safe working process systems
  • Bespoke software development
  • Access to Hydrosave’s online internet reports
  • Optimum leakage management campaigns
  • Skilled project management
  • Investment and the application of new technology
  • Accredited training programmes
leak detection specialists

Working with Hydrosave means the health, safety and welfare of employees comes first in our business. We are passionate about our leadership and employee engagement to provide a safe working environment.

SSI Test, Inspect and Consult

The Hydrosave brand is focused on efficient water operations and operates a trading division branded as SSI Test, Inspect and Consult focussed on other critical infrastructure sectors.

Immerse Asset Management Ltd also exists to provide services specifically to private commercial and industrial business customers.

Want to know more about Hydrosave?

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OnSite is a member of SSI Services

Hydrosave believe that to effectively manage a highly productive workforce and to offer truly national coverage the business must operate regionally. Since 2007 Hydrosave has been a member of South Staffordshire Plc. operating as an individual business within SSI Services UK Ltd. "' The services available from the Group are unique and unmatched within the water industry. Hydrosave are leak detection and water conservation specialists.

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