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We are one of the UK's largest and most experienced specialist contractors providing a wide range of services to infrastructure and utility asset owners

Broad range of Services offered by the business

Waterways Contractors

Minor works and support for larger projects in and around natural waterways as well as being the exclusive UK operator of the Portadam temporary Dam system.  OnSite has a long and successful history working in canals, rivers, culverts and their surrounding areas, OnSite has proven that they can look after the country’s open waterways and stay kind to the environment.

Waterway services

  • Temporary dam systems

    – Whether it is liquid containment or the need to create a dry working area for maintenance and inspection works of assets within bodies of water, OnSite offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to temporary water control. Portadam or inflatable dams are used as none intrusive alternatives to the costly, labour intensive and intrusive traditional systems e.g. earthen dams, sandbags or sheet piling.

  • Culvert inspection, cleaning & maintenance

    – By using the latest imaging technology together with experienced teams, OnSite can provide detailed surveys of culverts along with soil samples, measurements and detailed condition assessment. For cleaning and maintenance, we use powerful hpwj cleaning equipment and deep suction capabilities even the most remote culverts and critical ordinary watercourses can be cleaned and peak hydraulic performance maintained.

  • River rescue –

    All of our waterways teams are trained to conduct river rescues making them an ideal operational partner in and around open water.

  • De-vegetation

    – along with other related asset  maintenance, our crews can gain access to even the most difficult waterways to clear them of potential

  • River water quality sampling

    – either manual or automatic periodic sampling of rivers and other waterways.

Drainage & Sewerage Services

OnSite is one of the UK’s longest established and most experienced wastewater asset surveyors. We offer specialist survey and repair services relating to sewers drain culverts and associated wastewater assets. These include flow and CCTV surveys, topographical site surveys and pipeline cleaning/rehabilitation.

  • Flow surveys

    – Long and short-term flow monitoring (depth and velocity) in conjunction with integrated rainfall data for hydraulic model verification. Data accessible in real time via bespoke web portals for dynamic asset management and use in SCADA systems.

  • Condition inspection and assessment services for pipelines, culverts and enclosed structures using; CCTV, 3D photogrammetry, laser scanning and TISCIT (Totally Integrated Sonar & Camera Inspection Technique) managed by OnSite’s specially trained confined space man entry teams.
     man entry confined space 
  • High pressure water jet (HPWJ) cleaning

    High pressure water jet (HPWJ) cleaningof sewers, drains, culverts, conduits, tanks, wet wells, digesters, etc. OnSite can undertake large blockage clearance, removal of roots, scale, fats, oils and grease using specialist equipment capable of deep suction, long reach, large diameter and difficult access.

  • Pipeline rehabilitation

    Pipeline rehabilitation – provision of sewer, drain and culvert repair using a variety of “no-dig” methods. These include cured-in-place-pipe (GIPP) lining, patch repair and spiral wound (SPR) techniques along with associated injection grouting and robotic cutting technologies.

The Complementary ancillary survey services include; site mapping, professional grade GPS/ GLONASS asset location, topographical surveys,
impermeable area studies, pumping station surveys, 3D site inspection and manhole/chamber surveys. OnSite is a long established company, as a result, we are respected throughout the wastewater industry. Our business possesses vast experience in the surveying, managing and maintenance of the industry’s assets. We offer a single point of contact, through which we provide engineering based services that deal with all aspects of the waste water cycle.

Technology & Innovation

We believe technology and innovation sit at the heart of our product and service delivery. OnSite provides services such as CCTV, sewer surveys, drainage services, sewer rehabilitation including UV Lining, wastewater flow surveys, emergency sewer maintenance and civil engineering solutions including trenchless technology, water pipeline solutions and portable dams, for wastewater, waterways, rail and related markets.

Trenchless technologies

OnSite is a UK leader in trenchless technology providing significant benefits and minimising disruption for customers and end-users of utility pipes. The business offers a range of low impact, environmentally friendly and cost-effectiveno dig‘ methods of new pipeline, ductwork and culvert installation/rehabilitation.  This provides solutions to the utilities, rail, house­ building, commercial development, manufacturing, petrochemical, facilities management and leisure sectors.

Our new installation services include:

  • Laser guided auger boring

    – where installations require maximum accuracy and there is restricted access.

  • Horizontal directional drilling – We are industry leaders in environmental standards for small and large diameter directional drilling projects.
  • Timber headings – We deploy this traditional method of support and rehabilitation where surface operations cannot be disrupted
  • Shaft sinking

    – comprehensive service from standard timber to underwater concrete construction.

  • Consultancy services – design assistance, budget pricing, contract formulation and feasibility studies.

OnSite Rehabilitation services

  • Pipe bursting

    -we can operate in pipe diameters from 100mm to 800mm (internal diameters).

  • GRP Segmental Lining

    – In instances where a culvert or sewer has deformed. We use a segmental liner which enables a cost-effective and rapid structural repair solution. To maximise loadings and flows, made to measure segments are created for each project.

  • Pipe jacking

    – we have years of experience using the underground technique of pipe jacking to install pipelines and culverts.

  • Slip-lining

    – Slip-lining is an economical method of pipe renovation where a reduction in hydraulic capacity can be accommodated.

  • We also undertakes all pipe cleaning/de-scaling and preparation works prior to pipelining.

Pipeline services

OnSite provides pipeline services including repair, maintenance and replacement of underground pipeline and ducting systems. We offer traditional pipeline services including new lay, repair, routine maintenance and replacement of underground pipeline systems, ducting and related assets.

Specialist pipeline services include:

  • Laying, replacement and repair of water, gas pipes and power ductwork
  • Under pressure connections and line-stopping
  • Structural pipe condition assessments.
  • A range of civil engineering services designed to support our pipelines operations.
  • Meter installation and exchange.
  • RPZ valve inspection and installation.
  • Highway reinstatement & structural analysis
  • Data analysis to assist pipe rehabilitation programmes

Using ‘No-Dig’ and ‘Low-Dig’ technologies as well as traditional trenching techniques, we provide a wide range of services, from finding and fixing leaks on underground supply pipes to the specialist installation, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of all parts of the water distribution network. This includes working on pipework from 15mm
to over 1000mm in diameter, in all materials and ground conditions.

The key benefits of OnSite Pipeline Services are:

  • Cost effective renewals and repairs to pipes.
  • Minimal disruption to operations and the public.
  • High quality data and analysis to assist in pipe rehabilitation programmes.
  • Focused planning of capital expenditure on renewal and rehabilitation.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance

The specialist maintenance division are concrete repair experts. We specialise in Repair, maintenance and refurbishment of essential infrastructure assets. All aspects of building refurbishment and structural repairs including concrete repairs, structural waterproofing, manhole refurbishment and concrete condition surveys.

Rail contracting services

Our OnSite Rail division are experts in undertaking and coordinating work on or near the track and on a wide variety of other railway infrastructure assets. (including depots and stations)

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