Chemical resistant lining

Chemical Resistant Lining

OnSite Specialist Maintenance (OSM) offer innovative solutions across multiple disciplines to remain at the forefront of lining protection services.

Chemical lining

We are chemical lining experts with clients in many sectors across the United Kingdom. OnSite Specialist Maintenance can provide a range of chemical lining solutions to suit

  • Drains 
  • Manholes 
  • Bunds 

These can be highly susceptible to corrosive attack from chemicals and other substances such as hydrogen sulphide.

Chemical Resistant Lining

Provision of resistant fireproof lining to contain industrial chemicals. We can ensure chemicals & flammable liquids are safely contained as each lining is delivered with fireproof classification. Long term solutions will combat against physical, chemical or chloride attacks. Fireproof linings also increase the life expectancy of structures.

Bund Lining

When it comes to bund lining, there can be different types of bund walls. These range from brick and block bunds to concrete bunds. If not appropriately protected by a bund lining each of the above types are vulnerable to contamination. Potential sources of contamination are chemical and liquid substances. The secondary containment service offered by our Onsite Specialist Maintenance Division consists of the creation of a bund wall should the primary containment of tank lining fails.

Drain Lining

Drain liners and patch drain lining to leaking pipes are effective to control both water ingress and egress. The solutions are rapid, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly and do away with the need for deep excavations associated with pipe replacement. The drain lining service provides a completely seamless bonded drain lining to the defective host pipe.

Manhole Lining

Confined spaces such as manholes can suffer from neglect.  This can result in extensive chemical attack from Hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The gas is produced through breakdown of waste such as sewerage and organic matter. H2S will corrode various materials especially in sewer construction due to their positioning, enclosure and poor ventilation. As a result, manhole refurbishment is needed and regular maintenance is necessary especially those with high risk. On completion, the manhole lining will be leak tight from infiltration, chemical resistant to degradation and smooth to avoid trapping debris.