Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling Contractors

OnSite Specialist Maintenance and Perco are the UK’s market leader in trenchless technology including directional drilling operating in the utilities, construction, rail network and facilities management sectors.

We are directional drilling contractors with experience across many directional drilling projects. Our cost-effective, safety first approach allows high-quality delivery to our clients. We are the industry leaders in environmental standards for small and large diameter directional drilling projects. Our award-winning OnSite trenchless division caters for a wide range of clients, minimising disruption to the client and end user. Directional drilling is a type of trenchless technology. When it comes to trenchless technology, Horizontal directional drilling is one of the fastest growing innovations. Our expertise in No dig technology also extends to many rail projects.

Advantages of Directional Drilling

Conventional methods are usually very disruptive, involving exposure to hazards, service outages, environmental concerns and economic viability. On the other hand, Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

  • usually confines disruption to entry and exit points,
  • is environmentally friendly protecting existing ecosystem
  • can be used on different ground conditions
  • less disruption to transport infrastructure
  • Can go under existing infrastructure
  • a wide variety of uses including pipe installation
  • Horizontal directional drilling can be a better solution on environmentally sensitive sites that need special protection due to factors such as landscape, history and wildlife.

Direction Drilling techniques

Using techniques, including guided auger boring, horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting, we install new pipelines, cable ducts and refurbish existing pipe networks.

Horizontal Directional Drilling industry leaders

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Pipe bursting and pipe replacement systems

Our business also manufactures pipe bursting and pipe replacement systems for use by other trenchless technology specialists around the world.

New pipe installation:

Installation of new sewers, pipelines, shafts, under-track crossings (UTXs) and cable ducts are carried out using a range of techniques:

  • Directional Drilling
  • Auger Boring
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Timber Headings
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Guided Auger Boring
  • Rehabilitation

Sewer renovation and upsizing

Renovation and upsizing of existing sewers to ensure maximum efficiency is undertaken using a range of the following services:

  • Pipe Bursting
  • Expandit
  • Rod Pulling
  • Miniburst
  • Sliplining
Trenchless technology contractors

Our expert OnSite trenchless team has helped to deliver many trenchless projects across the United Kingdom. Operating from our base in the East Midlands, we cater for a wide variety of clients throughout the UK. We have extensive experience on a wide range of projects from sewer lining to Sewer rehabilitation.