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Fleet Services is primarily a fleet management company for small and large fleets and currently maintains 1700 vehicles across the country. Contact us today to find out more about our work in the Fleet Management sector and how we can help your business

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Fleet Vehicle Management Company

In the modern era of the fleet management sector, it is important for fleet owners to design cost-effective solutions which are efficient and more increasingly friendly to the environment. Fleet Services (part of SSI Services) has a proven reputation which has resulted in commercial growth and an expansion of services and clients. We help the UK transport network to keep moving!

Fleet management involves management of commercial vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. In 2016 alone, the United Kingdom registered over 94,000 new fleet vehicle registrations Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). When it comes to fleet management firms can choose to handle this in house or outsource to a fleet management provider each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Fleet management can be one of the biggest expenses for a business as well as being crucial to their business operations. Businesses who rely on their fleet i.e. facility management, delivery and engineering companies cannot afford to have high breakdown rates, inefficient vehicles and high vehicle acquisition costs.

Why make Fleet Services your Fleet Management provider?

  • Experienced staff with multiple vehicle brands
  • Reduce the cost of vehicle ownership
  • Bigger, wider and reliable nationwide service
  • Use of purchasing scales to achieve savings and discounts
  • Takes the stress off your workforce, leaving you to focus on your business
  • Technical expertise and data to help you make efficient decisions


Complete Vehicle fleet management

In today’s environment managing vehicle costs and running an effective and efficient fleet is paramount and Fleet Services’ proven reputation has resulted in commercial growth and an expansion of services and clients to include:

  • Dealer networks, including Pendragon, Lookers Group, Bristol Street group, Burnt Tree vehicle hire etc.
  • Leasing industry
  • Housing association
  • Construction industry
  • Local businesses and fleet operators
  • General members of the public
  • Designated AA drop off repair centre

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Manufacturer Trained Technicians

We invest in our people through training. Fleet Services’ master technicians are manufacturer trained. You can trust us to look after Fleet of all sizes and a wide range of makes and models.

With over 300 years of combined experience working on a wide range of vehicles, from heavy commercials, trailers, plant and plant equipment to modern family cars and classic vehicles.

Manufacturer approved workshops

Fleet Services business boasts modern well-equipped manufacturer approved workshops, with fully qualified technicians and the latest state of the art equipment. We understand that fleet sizes will vary according to the demands of a business that is we are able to cater for a wide variety of customers of different sizes, across the United Kingdom. We have a long history of helping big blue chip companies or local firms with small fleets.

Saving money with Fleet Management

Our service ethos realises the importance of transport and logistics is to businesses. Costs for vehicles maintenance can quickly spiral out of control if not monitored. In this sector, there is a need for businesses to focus on getting the most for their money. We can take the stress out of fleet management for you as we have an efficiency centred approach to fleet management.

With rising fuel costs decreasing profit margin, fleet managers have to look for efficiencies and cost savings in other areas in other areas such as vehicle maintenance and mileage. We can assist in this process by working out the life expectancy of vehicles, servicing plans and you will be glad to know we use only manufacturer approved parts. Over the long run, this will allow your business to plan your vehicle maintenance budget, minimise breakdowns and correctly manage vehicle depreciation, saving you money over the long term.

Environmentally friendly Fleet Management services

In the fleet management sector, failure to reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions can result in higher tax payments. Besides this, higher emissions are deeply linked with fuel economy, therefore, the more emissions mean the more a business will pay in fuel expenditure. Fleet Services will support you when making decisions about your Fleet which may impact emissions. With legislation changes such as environmental rules, vehicle standards and tax liabilities, Fleet Services can help you keep up with changes. When one of your vehicles is booked in with us, we will take the opportunity to do various safety tests, making sure it is roadworthy, potentially helping you avoid the various penalties.