Lightning Protection


Omega Red Group provide compliance and risk management services to a variety of sectors. The business is a UK market leader in specialist design, supply, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical earthing and lightning protection systems. As electrical earthing contractors and lightning protection contractors, Omega’s systems are critical to customers in the rail, tram, construction, power, telecommunications and water industries.

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How does lightning occur?

Lightning happens when warm air rises and meets with cold air in the atmosphere. When lightning occurs, there is a lot of electrical discharge which heats up the air causing thunder.

What are the dangers of lightning?

This presents a danger to people, business and infrastructure. In the United Kingdom alone, it is estimated that up to 60 people are hit by lightning every year. Furthermore, lightning presents a danger to businesses as it can damage property and other infrastructure assets. Disruptions to vital transport networks such as rail are caused by lightning. Lightning will often damage and impair electronic signalling components due to the high voltage.

Therefore, it is important to make sure businesses and infrastructure at risk of lightning has the adequate protection it needs against lightning.

UK Lightning protection contractors

Omega customers will benefit from a robust nationwide coverage, provided by a large network of operational branches strategically located throughout the United Kingdom namely the Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and London branches

A centrally-located service and testing department are supported by over 30 test engineers working throughout the United Kingdom.

Electrical Earthing

Design, test and commissioning of new and existing installations, including earth resistance testing.

Lightning protection systems

Designed and installed to the latest British standard (BS EN 62305) reduces the risk of damage to a structure and the systems and people within it.

rail lightning strikes

Lightning protection requirements UK

BS EN 62305 is the latest British standard for lightning protection. This takes into consideration four types of loss which are loss to human life, loss of service to the public, loss of monuments or historical buildings and economic value loss.

Lightning surge protection

For outstanding protection against transient over-voltages, Omega Red can supply a range of surge protection requirements, sourced directly from leading manufacturers, to ensure compliance with BS EN 62305. This will assist in determining the required level of lightning protection

Lightning Protection Testing

Lightning protection systems are tested in accordance with the requirements of BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305. Current best practice is to have a lightning protection system inspected and tested annually.

Height safety

Working at heights was the biggest contributor to fatalities in the workplace in 2017 according to HSE. To ensure end-user protection and compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, Omega Red is an approved installer of the Latchways™ product range, and is a specialist in the design, supply, installation, test and inspection of fall protection systems, as well as offering end-user height safety training.