Water hygiene Services

Water Hygiene Services

Integrated Water Services (IWS) provide industry leading management systems and expert teams to assess, manage and mitigate risks relating to water hygiene. As well as providing UK wide services directly to private customers, local authorities and facilities management companies, IWS will also train your staff to understand their responsibilities with regard to water hygiene regulations.

Leading UK Water Hygiene Company

As a leading water hygiene company in the United Kingdom, We are wholeheartedly committed to compliance and regulation. Therefore all employees are highly-qualified, trained and experts in the water hygiene field. Our bespoke works management system in Integrated Water Services ensures effective planning, reporting and auditing for all customers. Integrated Water Services Water Hygiene is one of the most rapidly growing companies in the water hygiene sector, via both acquisition and organic growth. The business is committed to providing a national service via locally managed regional offices and depots. Our services include testing, treatment & Monitoring. We are a category 1 member of the Legionella Control Association. Get in touch with the leading nationwide supplier of water hygiene services today!

Water Hygiene services and solutions include:

Legionella risk assessment

Water hygiene testing and legionella risk assessment are needed in order to comply with the Health and Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice L8 ACOP (Legionnaires’ Disease, The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems). We cater to a wide range of customers across multiple sectors including local councils and government departments, education sector, facility managers, Utilities and industrial. Clients benefit from our support which extends from doing the risk assessment to making sure clients & site managers etc. are trained in best practice.

legionella risk assessment iws engineer

legionella risk assessor

Water system monitoring:

We are able to deliver hot and cold Water system monitoring and inspection services designed for clients operating single sites and multi-site or complex building stock. This also includes Sterilisation, cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water assets

Showerhead cleaning and descaling:

IWS ShowerSafe

Showerheads can be places where legionella bacteria can grow. If they are not cleaned properly including the removal of sludge and limescale, bacteria will survive in this environment. To ensure that shower heads are left scale-free and any underlying biofilm and bacteria are removed IWS utilise IWS ShowerSafe. IWS ShowerSafe is designed to chemically remove lime scale and then kill any underlying bacteria to reduce the risk of Legionellosis and help you ensure compliance with HSE Legislation.

Cooling towers:

Our expert teams offer a complete management service for cooling towers and condensers, either as a bespoke service or as part of a planned maintenance and risk management plan.


Our water hygiene training offers a full introduction to the basics of legionella management and is accredited by RoSPA.

What do your Water treatment services include?

Our water treatment services include:

Chlorine dioxide dosing

Chlorine dioxide dosing, copper/silver ionisation to control Legionella, chemical water treatment for cooling towers, boilers, closed systems and water features, Glycol dosing for chilled systems and analysis of cooling, boiler and process waters to all industry-specific and UKAS standards.

Plant and equipment:

Integrated Water Services Water Hygiene supply and maintain a wide range of equipment for water treatment, pump and control systems and point of use filters. Integrated Water Services Water Hygiene division has a wide range of Water hygiene management services and solutions which have been built over many years of experience. Contact us today for more information!