Test, Inspect and Consultancy

Specialists in corrosion assessment, root cause failure and the risk management of assets.

SSI Test, Inspect and Consult is a trading division of Hydrosave UK Ltd, a national company established for over 20 years. No matter how complex a project or risk, we can assist our clients with end to end solutions including inspections, measuring/monitoring, remedial works and new build projects. Our solutions focus on the use of leading technologies, new techniques and efficient methods of working.

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gpr application

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services

Voids - Leaks - Cracks - Compaction - Collapse

GPR is a high resolution electromagnetic survey technique designed to investigate anomalies in the subsurface of the earth and surrounding infrastructure.
flow monitoring services

Flow Monitoring

Full Bore - Open Channel - Water - Sewers - Flow Survey

Using a portfolio of data logging equipment we can provide portable or permanent flow measurement devices that enable accurate flows to be measured at a range of measurement intervals ranging from seconds to hours.

Pipeline Camera Inspections

Pipeline Camera Inspections

Static Cams - Hydrant Cams - Traversing Cams - Integrated Hydrophone

We have over 30 years’ experience of developing bespoke cameras for asset inspections. Principally derived for the water and sewerage industry, our cameras provide excellent lighting conditions and hi-resolution images that can be used for a range of applications.

drill tapping

Drill Tapping

Under Pressure Tapping - Specialist Clamps - All Materials

Our under pressure drilling process establishes a connection to an existing pipeline whilst it remains operational.

valve assesment

Valve Testing

Torque Measurement - Valve PAK - Bespoke Repairs - Fabrication

This service ensures you have an evidenced maintenance plan to ensure your business continues to operate.

Corrosion Surveys

Non Destructive Corrosion Surveys

Targeted Investment - Remaining Asset Life - Non Intrusive Surveys

This technique is used to determine the level of corrosion and estimate a remaining asset life of metallic structures.

seized valve

Seized Valve Release (Patented Technology)

Patented Technology - All Industries - All Sizes

Our patented technology has been successfully applied to the waste water sector, petrochemical, FMG and Pharmaceutical industries. Since concept the system has released hundreds of valves ranging in size from 3” to 64” whilst maintaining a true 100% success rate.

pump efficiency testing

Pump Efficiency Tests

Optimisation - Energy Management - New Pump Curves

We provide on-site pump efficiency testing to undertake a performance evaluation of existing pumping equipment

cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection

Steel structure protection-pipelines and critical assets

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell and can in principle, be applied to any metallic structure in contact with a bulk electrolyte.

materials-testing ssi

Materials Testing

Metallurgy - Linings - Concrete. Forensic failure analysis

Destructive Tests: incorporate physical and mechanical test methods to establish why a material has failed such as tensile strength, toughness and material hardness as well as ability to withstand certain forces (i.e. internal and external pressures).

pressure & transient measurements

Pressure and Transient Measurements

Levels of Service - Field Tests - Calm Networks - Optimisation

Installation and maintenance of data loggers plus transducers to record pipeline pressures. Installations can be temporary or permanently installed with GPRS capability to record low and high pressure alarms.

water sampling

Sampling Services

Water Quality - Soils - Pipes - Materials. understand root cause impacts

Sampling services are undertaken to understand root cause impacts or as part of routine measurement and planned preventative monitoring programmes.

Expertise and Innovation

SSI Test, Inspect and Consult is a trading division of Hydrosave UK Ltd, a national company established for over 20 years. Hydrosave is part of SSI Services(UK) Ltd a multi-million-pound Group with companies and brands that offer sector leading and comprehensive infrastructure testing, maintenance, design and build services.

No matter how complex a project or risk, we can assist our clients with end to end solutions including inspections, measuring/monitoring, remedial works and new build projects.

Specialists in infrastructure condition assessment, asset inspections and risk management

Our survey and maintenance teams carry out inspection and system testing of critical assets, components and materials. Tests are carried out on-site or in laboratory conditions and include non-destructive testing and non-disruptive surveys wherever possible. Comprehensive condition assessment reports, forensic evaluation and root cause failure analysis. We also have a range of temporary and permanent monitoring and measurement technologies and can assist clients to develop risk and criticality models.

Our portfolio of services includes:


  • Corrosion assessment
  • Forensic material testing
  • Seized valve release
  • Remaining asset life assessment
  • Structural and operational condition grading
  • Valve torque assessment and maintenance
  • Valve PAK – under pressure packing gland repairs
  • Under pressure CCTV surveys
  • Pipeline camera crawler surveys
  • Weld integrity audits
  • Specialist under pressure drill and tapping
  • Gate valve and through bore hydrant installation
  • Water quality assessment
  • Trunk mains sediment sampling
  • Topographical surveys
  • Laboratory analysis


We offer efficient processes through the use of multi-skilled teams and vehicles equipped with several types of inspection cameras, insertion tapping, soil analysis and condition assessment equipment. As part of SSI Services (UK) Ltd, our Group companies offer additional comprehensive infrastructure testing and maintenance services.
This includes pump testing and optimisation, water hygiene, concrete testing, cathodic protection, electrical testing, and waste/ raw water pipeline surveys.

Critical Infrastructure: energy, water, waste and transport

Applications for our services include:

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