Materials Testing Services

Metallurgy - Linings - Concrete

Our materials testing services are considered as complementary to Non-Destructive Testing or for analysing specific failures or material components.

  • Destructive tests incorporate physical and mechanical test methods to establish why a material has failed such as tensile strength, toughness and material hardness as well as ability to withstand certain forces (i.e. internal and external pressures).
  • Forensic failure analysis
  • Material properties validation
  • Tensile strength measurements
  • Coating and lining integrity
  • Non-ferrous composites


Metallurgy: using material science and advanced micro component technologies we can analyse the physical and chemical behaviour of metals. This allows us to ascertain the specific properties, potential stress failures and corrosive resistance.

Concrete Testing

Concrete: composite assessment programmes can include:

  • Carbonation depth testing

  • Acoustic sounding survey

  • Chloride analysis

  • Half-cell potential

  • Petrographic analysis

  • Sulphate content

  • HAC content

  • Cement content