Sampling Services

Water Quality - Soils - Pipes - Materials


The Test, Inspect, Consult sampling services are undertaken to understand the root cause impacts or as part of our routine measurement and planned preventative monitoring programmes.

Water Samples

Water Samples: bespoke sampling programmes incorporating bacteriological and chemical sampling from onsite facilities, at customer premises or from trunk mains directly, flushed fire hydrants or wash outs.

Sediment Samples

Sediment Samples: we have a unique and specialist under pressure sampling technology that enables source water samples to be taken from large diameter pipes, as well as the ability to assess sedimentation from within a pipe.

Water Quality

Water Quality: we carry out periodic maintenance flushing programmes which are targeted towards safeguarding the quality of water. By undertaking planned pipe cleaning techniques, iron deposits and organic matter is removed from the system thus ensuring Target Network Standards (TNS). Our expertise incorporates measuring the effectiveness of planned preventative maintenance programmes by using a unique Discolouration Risk Index (DRI) approach and Non -Steady State sampling methods.

Water Quality Risks: we have developed a discolouration risk model ‘D-Risk’ which uses the outputs from hydraulic models and regulatory reporting data to evaluate and assess individual pipe lengths to create a spatial map of the District Metered Area (DMA) or Water Supply Zone (WSZ).

Soil Samples

Soil Samples: soil analysis can determine the corrosivity of a soil and when combined with a structural inspection of the pipe, a fracture risk can be calculated. Further analysis can be included to highlight the degree of aggressiveness using a factor based grading process. On site soils testing are carried out as well as laboratory testing. 

Materials Samples

Materials Samples: we can take large diameter pipe cut outs, take coupon samples from live pipes, extract material coupons and take drilled cores. We can arrange transportation and a full laboratory analysis.