Bespoke cameras for asset inspections principally derived for the water and sewerage industry

Static Cams - Hydrant Cams - Traversing Cams - Integrated Hydrophone

CCTV Pipeline Inspection

We have over 30 years’ experience of developing bespoke cameras for asset inspections. Principally derived for the water and sewerage industry, our cameras provide excellent lighting conditions and hi-resolution images that can be used for a range of applications.

Under Pressure Static Cameras

Our CCTV cameras are made specifically for this purpose. The choice of CCTV camera is dependant on the project. This is a flexible option because the CCTV cameras can be inserted using various types of drilling methods. Test, inspect and consult will inspect the internal bore. Water quality, Hydraulic and lining assessments can be made available.

Benefits of static cameras

  • No installation of expensive fittings
  • No discolouration or water quality problems
  • High-quality video
  • No insertion problems
  • High productivity

Under Pressure Traversing Cameras

A bespoke tethered camera is inserted under pressure. This will inspect the internal bore and provide hydraulic, water quality and lining assessments.

Benefits Under Pressure Traversing Cameras

  • Standard lengths of 50m dependent on internal condition
  • Accurate in-pipe leak detection using hydrophone

Hydrant Cameras

A bespoke camera is inserted using an existing hydrant. This will inspect the internal bore and provide hydraulic bore and lining assessments. One of the primary uses for this inspection is to determine lining for rehabilitation without taking a pipe sample. First pioneered by us in 1974, the system is often used to determine the cause of pipe blockages and valving issues.

Benefits of Hydrant Cameras

  • No dig technology
  • No installation of expensive fittings
  • Effective on full bore hydrants

ROV Cameras (Remote Operated Vehicle)

Remote operate vehicle cameras units which have never been used on a dirty water application are hard to find. We provide sterilised and tested units which can provide inspections of potable dewatered pipelines.

Benefits of ROV Cameras

  • Inserted via a dewatered and cut out section of pipeline
  • Long lengths of an internal inspection. Very high quality survey

We also provide ROV units for the inspection of raw water pipes and sewers. These can be adapted to include sonar imaging and other in pipe type surveys, including EM/radar surveys to assess the locations of voids and anomalies surrounding a pipe wall.

Borehole CCTV Surveys

camera for deep well and borehole inspections.

A range of cameras can be specified for deep well and borehole inspections. The level of rotation, depth and lighting requirements are the key considerations before commencing a project. Systems can be specified to an IP68 rating, with an array of sensors and can provide multi-functional audio and recording facilities.