Drill and Tapping

Under Pressure Tapping - Specialist Clamps - All Materials

Under pressure drilling process

Our under pressure drilling process establishes a connection to an existing pipeline whilst it remains operational without leaks or interrupting the flow of the pipe. This method can be used on a variety of pipe material.

The Test Inspect and Consultancy team possess substantial experience in drill and tapping projects, especially when associated with pipeline inspection. We are multi-skilled and equipped to drill and tap and carry out our CCTV camera inspections during a single survey. If required, this can also be combined with a non-destructive test or pipe scan and soil tests on site.

We offer two Pressure drill tapping options:

Sacrificial drill and tapping

  • sacrificial drill and tapping using a fitting that is left in place providing a permanent connection into the pipeline


  • Making a temporary connection to drill and tap thus providing a choice of installation e.g. ferrule, quadrina tapping or plug and coupon

Pipe coupon extraction

For coupon extractions, a specialist cutting saw is used to cut a circular coupon from the pipe. The coupon size may vary depending on pipe diameter and the requirements of the client. The cutting head and tapping machine are retracted from the pipe and if using a temporary fitting, the hole is tapped and a relevant fitting installed into the threaded hole.

Our Specialist activities from SSI Test, Inspect and Consultancy comprise of double coupon cutting and extraction from the pipe crown and invert. The coupons can be tested and inspected in a pipe laboratory.

There is no interruption to services or supply which means service can be maintained with minimal or no disruption.