Pressure and Transient Measurements

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Pressure Data Loggers: installation and maintenance of data loggers plus transducers to record pipeline pressures. Installations can be temporary or permanently installed with GPRS capability to record low and high-pressure alarms.


Transient Measurements: high-frequency transient data logging available up to 250Hz for measuring the scale and quantity of damaging transients. The system can be deployed for specific field tests or using specialist GPRS functionality for real-time monitoring.


Pressure Control Valves: we can install and set up monitoring systems to reduce operating pressures, sustain pressure or even vary the pressure to operate with flow or time controls.


Specialist Software: GPRS data loggers can be set up to record and transmit at bespoke intervals, collated using specialist software and be displayed or forwarded to your own desktop solutions. Alternatively, we can provide you with a desktop solution.


Typical Applications:


Industrial process alarms

Pressure reduction

Zone and DMA monitoring

Hydraulic computer model calibration

Fire mains testing

Leakage reduction strategies