Environmental management, energy management, plant and infrastructure maintenance and emergency response

Pump testing services

We offer a full range of Mechanical and Electrical services from initial concept to completion. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. On-going service in the form of preventative maintenance can also be provided with the option of a 24-hour emergency call out facility to installed systems.

IWS’s experience has been gained from many years of working within the water and utilities environment and gives the business a unique position regarding the requirements and standards demanded in today’s safety and cost-conscious workplace. Our ability to interpret client’s needs and to supply the most cost-effective solutions makes IWS a leader in its field.

On-site pump efficiency solutions

Pumps are incredibly energy intensive and poorly performing equipment can have a huge effect on your energy usage and bills. We provide on-site pump efficiency testing to undertake a performance evaluation of existing pumping equipment.

Pump maintenance services

We provide specialist services in all aspects of pump maintenance including:

  • In-situ:  delivery, power consumption and balance testing
  • Vibration analysis:  to determine mechanical and electrical asset condition using Full Spectrum Analysis, Pulse Shock Monitoring, on-site balancing and plant equipment trending
  • Thermographic Analysis: survey electrical starters, motors, control equipment to identify and prevent premature failure and reduce downtime and expensive repairs
  • Condition: auditable asset condition and maintenance expenditure programmes
  • Revised pump curves: to assist with modelling simulations

These services include environmental management, energy management, plant and infrastructure maintenance and emergency response.

Experience in the water industry

IWS operate a number of frameworks across a number of water industry clients and have completed pump performance testing, hydraulic analysis, pump selection, pump removal, camera surveys, pump refurbishment, pump replacement, valve replacement, rising main replacement, rising main manufacture, coating, pipework replacement, installation, commissioning and post pump performance testing within the whole of a water companies pumping infrastructure. This has ranged from raw water abstraction, water treatment process, final water pumping and network booster stations incorporating the complete portfolio of different manufacturers, pump types and configurations.

In addition, IWS has performed the following services for external clients over the past 5 years:

  1. Thermodynamic Pump Performance Testing
  2. Conventional Pump Performance Testing
  3. System Testing & Optimisation
  4. Pump Condition Monitoring including but not limited to:
    1. Thermographic inspection of pumps, panels, motors, and associated equipment
    2. Vibration analysis of rotating plant

Control and commissioning

IWS operate in-house developed software to validate current operating regimes for pumps and pumping stations this provides a quantifiable load factor for each individual pump set. The clients SCADA data is supplied to IWS in Microsoft Excel formatted template this information is then fed into the IWS software to analyse the current pump and pumping stations operating regime. Validation of the performance and operation of the station helps IWS to make control philosophy changes back to the client improving station performance and delivery energy saving.