Seized Valve Release

Patented Technology - All Industries - All Sizes


Originally designed for the water industry, our patented technology has been successfully applied to the waste water sector, petrochemical, FMG and Pharmaceutical industries. Since concept the system has released hundreds of valves ranging in size from 3” to 64” whilst maintaining a true 100% success rate.


Our system has been designed and manufactured in-house by engineers who have an industry reputation for excellence in this field.


Our ‘clever valve release system’ ascertains the ‘free movement’ of an asset and has the ability to apply a controlled release process.


The system continuously assesses the frequency changes and ensures maximum efficiency whilst protecting the asset from unnecessary large impact forces. Every valve receives a full computer controlled assessment to quantify the work performed and provide certification via the online reporting system.


Zero need to replace valves


Zero need to apply heavy impact or torque which is known to damage valves


Zero need to locate alternative valves in an emergency


Zero manual handling injuries