Valve Testing

Torque Measurement - Valve PAK - Bespoke Repairs - Fabrication


This service ensures you have an evidenced maintenance plan to ensure your business continues to operate.

Using specialist mobile actuators with torque measurement technology our service engineers have the ability to operate and assess valves that would normally require more expensive remediation work.

Each valves condition assessment is provided with a torque graph plus operational and locational information captured in our web based software system.

The process is designed to mitigate the risks associated with poor operability and serviceability of primary and critical isolation valves.

Our valve maintenance and diagnostics process operates valves through a partial or complete cycle in order to assess the full characteristics of a valve’s operation, diagnose performance and provide a maintenance operation that will permit the valve to operate more easily in the future.

Typical applications include:

Testing and certification of fire mains and hydrants

Strategic and sole supply pipelines

Strategic road, rail and river pipeline crossings

Reservoir maintenance and cleaning projects

Pumping station valve maintenance

Pipelines that operate adjacent to sensitive third parties

Pipelines that operate at high pressure

Pipelines in poor condition or planned for rehabilitation

Pre assessment of pipe rehabilitation schemes

Valve Repairs: we can fabricate and repair most valves when they are out of service. We can also re-size and replace broken spindles. We have specialist mechanical engineering fabrication facilities in the Group.

Valve Seals: leaking packing glands can be repaired without taking valves out of service using our specialist Valve PAK™ system, an under pressure injected compound that seals leaks. The system is fully approved for use in drinking water.